What is a Foundation Jack?

When placed as a crawl space support system, a foundation jack has a load capability and offers structural support. When you have a sinking house problem, a foundation jack is made to handle foundation issues. Your foundation is raised, and your house is moved back to its former location using a hydraulic jack or SmartJack. When your foundation is no longer able to hold the weight of your home, technicians use foundation jacks to do so.

When Do You Need a Foundation Jack?

When you observe sagging flooring, issues with tight windows or doors, or uneven floors, you should get your home evaluated. Your walls or foundation may have cracks, and you might even find that your crawl space has to be repaired. If there are obvious issues with your foundation that need to be fixed, we will immediately come up with a solution. Crawl space jacks or movable jack posts may be used by us to level your house in preparation for any foundation repair you might require.

Signs You Might Need Foundation Jacks

There can be all sorts of signs going on in your crawl space, from excess moisture to wood rot and many other potential options. The following are all indications that there may be a crawl space issue that has to be fixed with foundation jacks:

  • You have sagging flooring.
  • Your floor has a soft, spongy feeling to it.
  • Noisy floor
  • Walking by causes the furniture to sway
  • The baseboards or floor of the crawl area have mold on them.
  • Your home has a musty odor.
  • The floor is deformed above the crawl space.
  • Pests are an issue for you.

Contact a foundation repair professional right away for a crawl space repair and request an inspection if you see any of the aforementioned signs, like a sagging floor or anything else that sounds suspect.

Are Floor Jacks Permanent?

The use a homeowner makes of floor jacks inside the home will determine whether or not they are permanent. When a broken foundation is repaired, a support jack column or floor jack is not a long-term solution. The support jack is taken down after the foundation has been fixed. At Xpert Foundation Repair, we can install permanent floor jacks if your foundation needs ongoing support to prevent problems.

To maintain and permanently sustain your home, we could also employ steel floor jacks. Steel floor jacks are a typical solution used by foundation repair experts to fix sagging floors.

When Are Floor Jacks Only Temporary?

Steel floor jacks are very helpful, if not essential, for foundation repair businesses. Where the foundation is compromised, they are frequently installable in the basement or crawl area. This enables you to transfer or lessen the strain on the structure so you may safely carry out the required repairs. As repairs are being completed, jacks can be temporarily used to lift weight off your foundation.

When Are Floor Jacks Permanent?

If steel floor jacks are being used as secondary supports, they can also be employed as permanent supports.

Difference Between Temporary and Permanent Floor Jacks

When your home has broken one of its crawl space foundations and is repaired, a support jack or floor jack is not a long-term solution. The support jack is taken down once the foundation has been repaired. But, there are permanent floor jacks to address foundation difficulties if your foundation requires ongoing support.

What is the Difference Between Jacks for Foundation Repairs

Bottle jacks, sometimes known as hydraulic jacks, are portable and simple to move about. They have a hydraulic cylinder, which enables lifting floors. Floor jacks, on the other hand, can be challenging to control. Bottle jacks can lift a lot of weight and are higher than is often required when they are used for foundation restoration. Bottle jacks are less expensive than floor jacks and are also simpler to store. But bottle jacks are less sturdy than floor jacks because of their small frames. When a temporary fix is required, hydraulic jacks are used, but bottle jacks are frequently employed when a long-term fix is required.

Without interfering with your everyday activities, Xpert Foundation Repair can diagnose, prevent, and resolve foundation problems. We also use cutting-edge products to do so. Indeed, we have been able to solve these issues because of our high-quality foundation repair products.